Disc Dog Gifts and Tees

Shop for cool Disc Dog designs on gifts and t-shirts for dog lovers.

Funny Frisbee Postcard

Funny Frisbee Dog Postcard

Sometimes I wonder “why is that Frisbee getting bigger?”… and then it hits me.

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Border Collie Shirts

This front imprinted Border Collie t-shirts and sweatshirts include a full head illustration, a sitting pose, and a disc dog figure in full flight.

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Disc Dog Life Is Great

life is great when you own a disc dog cute dog t-shirt design

A stick figure cartoon has just sent his dog off his back for an amazing mid-air catch. Cute little brown dog of no particular breed.

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Disc Dog Red Boxes

menagerie mayhem red boxes flying disc dog hat for dog lovers

Awesome weathered disc dog apparel, tees and gifts has four red boxes, each containing a different silhouette of a dog catching a flying disc. Perfect for the dog sports fan!

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