Chow Chow Gifts and Tees

Shop for Chow Chow gifts, t-shirts, calendars and more.

Chow Chow 2011 Wall Calend

Originally bred in China to be hunting dogs and guardians, Chow Chows can be willful, protective, and independent. Those who appreciate this ancient breed will enjoy this charming Chow Chows wall calendar.

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Chow Chow Angel

chow chow angel stickers

If you’re a Chow lover you will adore this Chow Chow design featuring a angelic red Chow with the saying, “Chow Chows … Angels in Fur Coats.”

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Chow Chow Santa Paws

chow chow santa clause holiday dog design on cards

Make a Chow Chow dog lover happy with one of these great Chow Chow Santa Paws gifts featuring a beautiful red Chow wearing a Santa hat.

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